Tango, the adventure game

Point and click adventure game about Tango

Pre Alpha Footage

Here is an small footage to take a look the adventure game.

Spanish subtitle


Welcome Adriana to Tango, the adventure game

The music it´s a vital part of Tango, the adventure game. We was looking a lot to fit the perfect sound to the game. We have to thanks a lot to the other bands that help to get the style but was collaborations of music tracks and well Tango it´s a big game so we need music for all the game.

Adriana Figueroa Mañas it´s the artist in charge of the music. She has a lot experience composing music for tv shows, movies, publicity, and games. And she will make the sound track of Tango, the adventure game with full of Tango. Let´s know more about here in her web page http://ciweb.com.ar/figueroa/ or listen some of her works:

3D Carlos


Juan Caratino make this great 3d art for the 3d printing of Carlos. One of the rewards that we are planing for the future Kickstarter campaign.

Juan Caratino http://caratinojuanjose.blogspot.com.ar/

And the making of

80 years is nothing

Carlos Gardel past away 80 years ago. But the myth, his life, his voice are alive. 80 years ago in Colombia he had a plane accident. He wasn´t alone Alfredo Le Pera, Guillermo Barbieri, Corpas Moreno, Alfonso Azzaf and Ángel Domingo Riverol died to.


He was the voice of Tango, an Actor and the Myth.

80 years is nothing…

Looks like something is growing fast

Tango, the adventure game has news here are some cool new stuff of the game looks.

We polish the characters and make some new cool scenes.

Here are some works:

The prologue is ambient in the south of Argentina, Ushuaia. You are in jail and you need to scape for the good of Tango.

Carlos is the main character of the game.

carlos(2)Celda 01 + En proceso 04 + carlos

But his is not alone this guard is a pain in the ass and will do everything to prevent your scape.


Argentina for export

Hi it´s been a while we are working hard in Tango getting the perfect look and smooth style to feel the 30´s and smell Tango everywhere.

Now i will show some works of two studios in Argentina that they are working hard making these amusing games.

“Hidden: The Untold”. From the Argentinian team Lost Spell studios.

Coming in 2015 as a sequel of “Hidden: In the trail of the ancients” this First Person point & click game will continue the adventures of Thomas Farrell, a young anthropologist behind the search of evidence about the Legend of the Ancients. Inspired in some Lovecraftian horror, this adventure will blow your mind.

“Immersed into dark and unexplored ancient woods a group of expeditionary led by Eneko Farrell, distinguished professor of science passionate about ancient history, goes deep in search of an old, almost forgotten legend.”



“NoseBound”, a beautiful film noir detective story, developed here in Argentina.

“You play as the character Ray Hammond, a private eye with a gritty past and unorthodox methods to pull off his job. The story brings you back and forth, from the end to the very beginning. Yours is the chance to find out what happened, how it happened, and to live the story by yourself.”


Inventory and icons a pain in the ass

Well the main tittle explain it all. I’m with the burning head syndrome and i hate all icons and inventory system. I took a look of all games and i like to much the style of Randall’s Mondays and Dead Synchronicity but well i´m not a graphic designer and i have no money left so i start doing some stuff. Grotesque. I´m blind. Not again the burning head syndrome it´s killing me. Stress and a lot of deception with the people who are helping. I know are collaboration but you can say no and no compromise. I have just lost almost a year with out a paid work only to work with this and i had only finish a 2 scene demo with some puzzles and 15 to 20 minutes to gameplay. I want better graphics, better animations, a cool logo, better characters paint i don´t know maybe with money i can do it better. Or maybe i have the burning head syndrome…

April is in the air

Well April came and then came the fools, and obviously eastern and a lot of days off here in Argentina.

Easter chocolate egg with the tango hat logo with more chocolate

About the game, we are just finishing the animations, but we are late with some backgrounds stuff so we have to wait a little more to release the demo and the KickStarter campaign.

We have to wait becose we haven´t any money. All the works are collaborations and everybody has jobs except me. Yes i´m with out a job almost 11 months only to make this game. I know it´s a suicide. I know but i need to make this game, for that i suffer all the time changing. I talk to some publishers but i think they don´t like to put money in something that they don´t know if it has susses so they wait to a KickStarter campaign to take a look how many backers are and then put some money in the project. It´s sick but now it´s what i need to live and make this game. Sorry about the catharsis.

Happy Adventure Year!

It was a really good year and a weird one. We went to game conventions, contest, pitching, publishers, dreams, 3d, 2d a lot of satisfaction and a lot of upside down feelings.  But it was great.

What about the next year?

We hope start a kickstarter campaign to found money for the game. Finish the first chapter. And start the dream.

Personal issues…

I quit my job 7 months ago only to make this game. I´m surviving only for this game and keep my dream on. I know is a crazy thing but i need it. Don´t do this kids 🙂

Thanks to be part of this adventure


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