Tango, the adventure game

Point and click adventure game about Tango


julio 2015

Cloud effect

A simple effect of cloudy weather in Ushuaia for the cut scene of the intro of Tango, the adventure game


Pre Alpha Footage

Here is an small footage to take a look the adventure game.

Spanish subtitle

Welcome Adriana to Tango, the adventure game

The music it´s a vital part of Tango, the adventure game. We was looking a lot to fit the perfect sound to the game. We have to thanks a lot to the other bands that help to get the style but was collaborations of music tracks and well Tango it´s a big game so we need music for all the game.

Adriana Figueroa Mañas it´s the artist in charge of the music. She has a lot experience composing music for tv shows, movies, publicity, and games. And she will make the sound track of Tango, the adventure game with full of Tango. Let´s know more about here in her web page http://ciweb.com.ar/figueroa/ or listen some of her works:

3D Carlos


Juan Caratino make this great 3d art for the 3d printing of Carlos. One of the rewards that we are planing for the future Kickstarter campaign.

Juan Caratino http://caratinojuanjose.blogspot.com.ar/

And the making of

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