Hi it´s been a while we are working hard in Tango getting the perfect look and smooth style to feel the 30´s and smell Tango everywhere.

Now i will show some works of two studios in Argentina that they are working hard making these amusing games.

“Hidden: The Untold”. From the Argentinian team Lost Spell studios.

Coming in 2015 as a sequel of “Hidden: In the trail of the ancients” this First Person point & click game will continue the adventures of Thomas Farrell, a young anthropologist behind the search of evidence about the Legend of the Ancients. Inspired in some Lovecraftian horror, this adventure will blow your mind.

“Immersed into dark and unexplored ancient woods a group of expeditionary led by Eneko Farrell, distinguished professor of science passionate about ancient history, goes deep in search of an old, almost forgotten legend.”



“NoseBound”, a beautiful film noir detective story, developed here in Argentina.

“You play as the character Ray Hammond, a private eye with a gritty past and unorthodox methods to pull off his job. The story brings you back and forth, from the end to the very beginning. Yours is the chance to find out what happened, how it happened, and to live the story by yourself.”