Well April came and then came the fools, and obviously eastern and a lot of days off here in Argentina.

Easter chocolate egg with the tango hat logo with more chocolate

About the game, we are just finishing the animations, but we are late with some backgrounds stuff so we have to wait a little more to release the demo and the KickStarter campaign.

We have to wait becose we haven´t any money. All the works are collaborations and everybody has jobs except me. Yes i´m with out a job almost 11 months only to make this game. I know it´s a suicide. I know but i need to make this game, for that i suffer all the time changing. I talk to some publishers but i think they don´t like to put money in something that they don´t know if it has susses so they wait to a KickStarter campaign to take a look how many backers are and then put some money in the project. It´s sick but now it´s what i need to live and make this game. Sorry about the catharsis.