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diciembre 2014

Happy Adventure Year!

It was a really good year and a weird one. We went to game conventions, contest, pitching, publishers, dreams, 3d, 2d a lot of satisfaction and a lot of upside down feelings.  But it was great.

What about the next year?

We hope start a kickstarter campaign to found money for the game. Finish the first chapter. And start the dream.

Personal issues…

I quit my job 7 months ago only to make this game. I´m surviving only for this game and keep my dream on. I know is a crazy thing but i need it. Don´t do this kids 🙂

Thanks to be part of this adventure



Tango´s Day

carlosfigura_vectorized_vectorizedThis is the second year of Tango´s writing this dev blog. Last week i feel really great showing the demo to the people. A lot of good reviews and people tell me wen the game is going out. And just tell about we are short of money so we need changes and get a polish product to make a crowfunding. So the changes begging we are going to 2d.

At the moment we are getting closed to tell who are the artist that we are making this game. Just be patient.

EVAxMDQ 2014

El próximo sábado 6 de diciembre estaremos presentando un mini demo del juego en la EVAxMDQ la primera edición de la exposición de videojuegos en Mar del Plata. Va a ser la segunda vez que mostramos el juego en público y esta vez con gran expectativa. Falta muchísimo y la falta de plata hace que el proyecto vaya lento, por lo que esperamos o que caiga plata del cielo o hacer un crowfunding milagroso para cumplir el sueño.


On Saturday December 6 will be presenting a mini demo at the EVAxMDQ, the expo about games in Mar del Plata. It will be the second time that we show in public the game and in this time with great expectation. The lack of money makes the project go slow, so we expect some falling contribution from the sky or make a miraculous crowfunding to fulfill the dream.

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