Tango, the adventure game

Point and click adventure game about Tango

Day of Tango

Every December 11 commemorate the Day of Tango

Don Juan (stop motion clip)



Tango in Puro Games

Great review of Tango in the media (spanish)

Tango teaser


Here is a beautiful song composed by Adriana Isabel Figueroa Mañas, part of Tango, the adventure game soundtrack.



Carlos drinking and smoking wallpaper 1920×180 just fine to your pc or mac


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Tim Schafer like it


“It´s a simple twit, it´s a simple gesture, It´s something great, You are the fucking king of the world, yes you did it, etc-”

That was some stuff that people say about that twit. For everybody who likes adventure games as we like it´s really amusing that Tim Shafer take his time to take a look our video footage of the game. We are happy and we hope make a kick starter campaign  as Tim Shafer tell us in an e-mail.

So its a new hope and a really great smile in the group of Tango, the adventure game

Tango, adventure game footage now with english subtitle and some improves

Cloud effect

A simple effect of cloudy weather in Ushuaia for the cut scene of the intro of Tango, the adventure game

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